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PROPERTY MANAGEMENT OF THE SOUTH (PMOTS) was founded in 1988 and incorporated in Georgia in 1990. In 1997, PMOTS became a wholly owned subsidiary of The Brisa Corporation (Brisa). Michael Shapiro, CMCA, is the Qualifying Broker for the company. PMOTS is a member in good standing with the Georgia Real Estate Commission and the Community Associations Institute (CAI), where Mr. Shapiro has served as a Committee member in the past.

Our goal is to provide a complete resource to maintain or improve property values, to keep the association financially healthy and to establish a positive sense of community.

We take a very conservative position on financial management and always present a balanced budget that comes out in the black at year end. We also take a more personable approach in our management style and frequently will call, or meet with, homeowners or tenants on an individual basis in an attempt to resolve issues. We find this is usually the most civil way of handling people and we find it helps improve and promote a positive feeling of community.

All subcontractors at our disposal are fully insured with general liability and workers compensation insurance. We also subcontract with Sanitan Service Corp. (Sanitan), an excellent property maintenance company which is also a subsidiary of Brisa. We always use the contractor with the lowest cost or fastest service in an emergency. Therefore there is never a conflict of interest, only the best service and price that most favorably meets our clients' needs. We get no kickbacks or add-ons with any of the contractors that we deal with.

PMOTS does not have electronic telephone answering because there is always a licensed person in the office to answer calls and handle concerns. We devote the time and attention necessary to properly communicate with all parties associated with our properties.

PMOTS has never been a defendant in any legal suit by any Association and has never been named or involved in any administrative complaint or lawsuit. Because of his background, Mr. Shapiro can represent you in Magistrate Court and will also give limited legal counsel, advice or suggestions to our clients when requested.

Finally, we are proactive instead of reactive, so we can be instrumental in aiding or changing some of the ways your property is run if there is room for improvement. By suggesting ideas for additional sources of income or Covenant Amendments, owner equity and financial stability can be maintained. We can also be instrumental in assisting in adopting rules and regulations that help keep properties looking their best, which instills community pride as well as value.

Call us during our normal business hours (9am - 5pm Monday - Friday) to find out what we can do for YOU!
912 Killian Hill Road  Suite 105    Lilburn GA    30047    Phone: 770.736.8257   Fax: 770.931.9558    PropertyManager@PMOTS.com